Taking a break…..

I was originally trying to write another post before the end of the week when we depart for South Korea, however between work, packing and grabbing last minute essentials, it doesn’t look like there is much chance of that happening.

On Sunday we explained to the kids that the holiday is happening on Friday, so we have gone into official countdown mode.  Luckily Touristo has a firm grasp on the days of the week, so he gets it without me having to pull out the visual schedule. The Princess is still feeling a little unsure about the whole thing and has requested that we go on a “little plane that is the right size for her because she is little”.  Sigh….this is one of those parenting moments where you just need to lie for the greater good and say “of course my darling, we will go in a little plane”, even though your flight is on the largest passenger plane on earth.  We will board through an aerobridge so she won’t see the full scale of the A380.

Touristo has also been surprisingly easy-going about the packing.  I was intending to do that in stealth mode as I usually do, however he caught wind of my plans and barged in on me when I thought he was in the backyard with his dad.  He just kept repeating “packing for holiday, packing for holiday, packing for holiday”, until I stopped him and explained “yes, mummy is packing for our holiday on Friday. We are going to Korea first, and then Japan”. He seemed happy with that explanation and at no time has he tried to drag the bags to the car, nor has he just tried to throw a random pile of clothes in to expedite the process! Winning!

Anyhow, I shall be taking a break from blogging whilst I am away and will hopefully come back with loads of content in the new year.  I will however be posting pictures, videos and short stories from our adventures on Facebook and Instagram.  Hope everyone has an amazing holiday season and I look forward to coming back a more refreshed person in 2018!