About Me

By day I am an autistic, Autism Researcher and by night I am a mum of two young children, frequent flyer points/miles enthusiast, autism advocate and AV geek with a serious case of wanderlust!  The only issue with this last point is, travelling is expensive…..especially when one of your travel goals is to visit every Disney park in the world, and you really like nice hotels.


How is this achievable if you don’t have a huge income……loyalty programs!  Yep, those same programs where some people collect points for years and get a toaster.  Only difference is that I do this on a larger scale, and I know how to get the maximum value out of using them.

I am now firmly committed to working out how to get the absolute most out of our family’s everyday spend and leverage it into opportunities to travel.

Another key area of interest, is using my professional background as well as using our family’s lived experience with autism to encourage and help other families break down barriers to travel.  I mean, everyone deserves a holiday don’t they?